MOD Effects Bundle 2.0

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MOD Effects Bundle 2.0
MOD Effects Bundle 2.0
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This MOD FX bundle is compatible with the Korg Prologue and Minilogue XD and NTS-1. There are thirteen MOD FX plugins included in total. Follow the links for full descriptions!

Effects included:

  • FILTAstep – NEW PLUGIN!     Low/Band Pass preset step sequencer / random generator.
  • Filter Pack 2.0 – Resonant HP, LP, BP, BR 12dB filters – NEW FILTER!  24dB ‘classic’ filter
  • Pan and Tremolo Pack 2.0 – Sine/square/split-band LFO modulation – NOW WITH BPM SYNC!
  • Resonance Pack – Controllable ‘dual comb’ harmonic resonators with drift
  • AMPit – Musical hi-gain distortion

If you already own any DirtBoxSynth MOD FX, then get in touch via email and we’ll send you any plugin updates, and see what we can do for you with an upgrade deal!