New MOD FX and updates released!

Three new MOD FX have been added to the MOD FX Bundle


a filter step sequencer, with preset, random, and bespoke patterns available.


a 24dB ‘classic’ filter with soft-clipped resonance.


a split-frequency band dual panner.

Other MOD FX plugins have been updated with new features and optimizations, including BPM sync.

To update your existing DirtBoxSynth MOD FX, or get a deal on an upgrade, then contact us via email or facebook, and we’ll be in touch!


Here’s the latest demo for the whole MOD FX Bundle including the new FX..

4 thoughts on “New MOD FX and updates released!

  1. Firstly – amazing job on the digital oscillators and delays, the Minilogue XD easily goes toe to toe with more exotic synths in my studio now which is great because I can get way more out of it without having to resort to buying too many modules etc.

    Secondly – this is probably a dumb question but I transferred the ‘Everything Bundle’ by clicking and dragging into the user library and hitting transfer on my Mac Mini running Catalina. Everything worked beautifully but when it comes to the MOD FX like the filters the display just says USER when trying to select your fx. Have I run out of memory? Should I reattempt tomorrow after a coffee? I’m only using the factory waves and yours fwiw.

    Thanks for your patience

    1. Thanks James!
      Great that you’re getting some good sounds from them!
      To get the user MOD FX on an XD you hold ‘shift’ while toggling the fx select switch 🙂

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