QuadMod Four-Channel Cross-Feeding Delay

QuadMod is a four channel cross-feeding delay plug-in. Each quadrant has a filter, distortion, feedback, feed across, ducking, and pan. There is also an LFO per section, so delay time, pan and filter can all be modulated independently per quadrant. The delay time range can be set to milliseconds(for ‘standard’ delays), microseconds (for creating comb filter and flange-type effects), or MIDI mode that sets the microsecond delay times based on what MIDI notes are playing (for a robot/vocode-type effect).

QuadMod can be configured for a huge number of delay types and modulation effects, and because each quadrant can feed the input of other quadrants things can start to get into a ‘race condition’ where the sound builds up in the plug-in without any input. Yes, this could, and does, get out of hand! So we’ve added some features to keep it in check. An internal compressor on each channel will try to keep the level down on each channel, and if it’s fighting too hard to keep it under control will kill the delay buffer in that channel. You can also manually clear any or all buffers with kill switches.

QuadMod is still in beta and we hope to release it soon. If you are interested in beta testing, please get in touch.  Currently QuadMod is VST/PConly.