MORPH update – more Wavetables!

DirtBoxSynth MORPH oscillator is now a pack of three oscillators, each with a different set of wavetables. Others updates include smoother ‘Shape’ control and bi-directional envelopes. All existing MORPH owners should have received an update via email – please get in touch if you did not receive yours.

For more details, visit the Morph product page.

Morph - latest update

2 thoughts on “MORPH update – more Wavetables!

  1. Hey can you please provide some insight. The wavetables sound great however im having trouble controlling the envelopes. I am getting movement after adjusting the ADSR yet without adding envelope amount.
    Also when adding envelope amount the results are oddly subtle as compared to say moving the shape knob manually by hand. Tried all types of variations but cant grasp what this envelope is doing.
    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Brian. The Morph envelope will sweep through the waveforms, it should be variable from a short to a long portion of the wavetables using the envelope amount control. Hope that helps!

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