Exotic Delay Pack

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Exotic Delay Pack
Exotic Delay Pack
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This pack is a set of seven advanced delay effects for the Prologue or Minilogue XD, including pitch modulated delays, and signal-driven descending & ascending delays.

Mod Delay 1 & 2 use two LFOs to pitch modulate the left and right delayed signal. The speed of this LFO varies slightly with the delay time knob. Amount adjusts both the level and the feedback of the delayed signal.

Mod Delay 2 is a more rhythmic stereo delay, with cross-modulation for a wider stereo effect.


Up Delay 1 & 2 change their delay time depending on whether notes being played are above a signal threshold. The delay time will quickly reset after a note reaches the trigger volume, and then ride an envelope to create delays that smoothly increase in pitch, starting once the input signal is quiet enough again after any amplitude decay.

Up Delay 2 is quicker to glide, and the range of the pitch shift is limited to end on a closely related delay time (and therefore pitch).

Down Delay 1 & 2 are like their Up Delay counterparts, but descend in pitch instead.


Sick Delay takes all of the above elements and sets off two signal-triggered delays, one rising and one falling, with cross-modulation. The effect of this is to very quickly smear the delays into more of a pitch-modulating reverb.