Meet PHYSIQ – the physical modelling oscillator

Physiq has taken a long time to develop – made easier in some ways by not having a day job to go to, due to COVID-19 related issues!

It uses what is now an old technology, first developed by Stanford University and Yamaha. The ‘digital waveguide’ approach to making a synthesized sound is to set up a ‘virtual string’ and excite that string in some way to make it start resonating.

Physiq allows you to experiment with different excitations, or ‘articulations’, and control how the string behaves after it is struck, plucked, bowed, strummed, or bowed.

To make choosing articulations and strumming patterns easier, and give the option of more real time control, a PC/MAC controller app (CTRLR-based) is included with the oscillator.

Although technically Physiq will work on an NTS-1, it is designed for polyphonic use, so is more suited to Prologue and Minilogue XD.

For more details, and to hear Physiq in action then check out the details page.