New DirtBoxSynth Website

Hello! If you’ve been here before you will notice some changes. Download links to your PayPal email are now automated, so if you experience any problems with delivery, please get in touch via facebook or email. 

And there’s some very exciting news due soon…. watch this space {;0{)

7 thoughts on “New DirtBoxSynth Website

  1. Is it me or your website,
    I don’t see any contact details, address , phone numbr etc. nor ability to register.
    There is a sign on link but no join link.
    Looks like an interesting company with lots of nice offerings, looking at the Prologue oscillators with interest.
    Maybe get back to me


    1. Hi John, registration not set up on the new site yet, but it’s not necessary to login to get your downloads as they are automatic through PayPal (I chose PayPal as they have customer protection etc). So, no it’s not you, it’s us!

    2. Same here. I agree w/you. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any instructions for installing this stuff. I love buying assorted synth patches for my (3 dozen+ synths) & I’ve dropped a couple $1,000 over the last few years. I dropped $133 on all
      the dirtboxsynt (Prologue) products there are NO instructions that I can see or find.

      1. Hi John. Installation is very easy – just drag and drop to the relevant librarian tab (osc/mod/rev/del) and hit ‘SEND’ in the top right. That’s it!

        In terms of specific oscillator instructions, the parameter list and descriptions are on the product pages.

        If you do need a help with anything, please feel free to email

  2. Awesome gadgets! I intend to buy a lot of your creations when I get my new Minilogue XD – I assume they work for them but let me know if they dont. Thx. Request: The Korg Minilogue XD (and perhaps the Prologue?) has no Amp Target for the LFO. This is crazy! Its a basic modulation on most synths and a huge element in sound design. Huge oversight! But if you were to create a tremolo EFX with rate/depth parameters then hooray, the Minilogue now has an LFO that affects amplitude – something on just about any synth. There is no workaround other than using the seq and I suppose cv can send some msgs to the mixer. So a cool tremolo eft would be so awesome. Maybe even one with wave select or two waves with two rates and two depth/intensity modulations. That would make for a super cool tremolo efx. I’d buy that and I would guess a lot of Minilogue users – especially if you tell them on your efx product page that an amp lfo is missing!

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