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MORPH Oscillator for the Korg Prologue

The MORPH oscillator for the Korg Prologue multi-engine uses morphing wavetables to create basses, leads, organs, pads and sequences.

As the SHAPE control is turned, the waveform morphs from one wave to the next. There are a total of eleven individual waveforms, and the blending of these creates many more in-between timbres.

A 1ms-10sec envelope with attack, decay, sustain and release controls modulates the morph position relative to the start point set by SHAPE. The envelope sweeps through the morph stages, creating time-varying timbres and can be set to one-shot or looped.

The Prologue LFO also affects the morphing position of the waveform. This can be sync’ed to bpm, so rhythmic waveform modulation is possible.


SHAPE:   Wave Select/Morph

  1. Envelope Amount
  2. Attack
  3. Decay
  4. Sustain
  5. Release
  6. Envelope loop