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DirtBoxSynth – ORIGAMI Oscillator for the Korg Prologue / Minilogue XD / NTS-1

Currently FREE to all Prologue / Minilogue XD / NTS-1 owners courtesy of Korg and DirtBoxSynth!  –  Just sign up to the DirtBoxSynth Newsletter to receive your download link

The Origami oscillator uses wavefolding to create complex harmonic distortion from basic waveforms. The input waveform to the wavefolder can be varied between a sine wave and an asymmetrical waveform (triangle/flattened sine) to change the basic timbre.  This waveform is then fed into the wavefolding algorithm where the amount of folding (SHAPE) increases the gain at the input of the wavefolder.

A DC offset control pushes the waveform more into the top half of the wavefolder, that can vary the harmonic distribution between even and odd harmonics. The main LFO-to-Shape modulates this DC Offset (note: not the SHAPE/wavefold control itself) – which tends to create odd/even harmonic oscillation.

An additional Origami ADSR envelope can modulate the input gain of the wavefolder with the Envelope Amount control. Attack, decay, sustain and release are adjustable. This adds further movement of the produced harmonics allowing for complex evolving textures and pads.


SHAPE                   Wavefolding Amount

SHIFT_SHAPE     Manual DC offset

  1. Timbre
  2. Envelope Amount
  3. Attack
  4. Decay
  5. Sustain
  6. Release

Wavefolding oscillator for the Korg Prologue