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FMonsta Bundle
FMonsta Bundle
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FM Oscillator Pack for the Korg Prologue and Minilogue XD

FMonsta is an oscillator pack for the Prologue including FMonst and FMonst2. Fmonst is great for cutting leads, basses and sequences, whereas FMonsta2 is softer and suits more evolving textures and introduces more subtle harmonics. FMonst has a loopable envelope while FMonst 2 includes an internal LFO and distortion, and both are based around wavetable and phase/frequency modulation techniques.


FMonsta1 creates harmonically rich timbres by using both wavetable and frequency modulation techniques. Two waveforms are combined additively or by multiplication (depending on the mode chosen) creating hundreds of possible spectral waves. The SHAPE control determines the frequency of the modulating waveform and opens up many performance possibilities.

A simple envelope with attack and decay also affects the FM algorithm with the Envelope Amount control determining the modulation amount.  This envelope can be set to loop so as to create a symmetrical or asymmetrical LFO which modulates the FMonsta oscillator independently of the main LFO. The main LFO can also be assigned to the FM algorithm as a second modulation source. This is accessed by holding SHIFT and turning SHAPE to set the modulation amount.



  1. Oscillator wave
  2. FM Wave
  3. Envelope Amount
  4. Attack
  5. Decay
  6. Mode / Algorithm
  7. SHAPE:     FM Pitch Centre
  8. SHIFT_SHAPE:  logue LFO to Shape Mod

Envelope Modes

  1. Algorithm A – single shot
  2. Algorithm B – single shot
  3. Algorithm A – looping
  4. Algorithm B – looping

FMonsta2  (version A and B)

Softer than FMonsta, FMonsta2 uses the same hybrid engine, but with different controls and sound, and two performance variations The distortion adds colour while the dedicated LFO allows modulation of the FMmix and/or the distortion amount.

In version A, SHAPE sweeps the second oscillators pitch while SHIFT SHAPE mixes from added waves to multiplied waves and can be modulated with an additional LFO. The LFO can also be assigned to the amount of distortion. SHAPE affects the pitch of wave B whilst interacting with wave A.

FMonsta2 Parameters:

  1. Wave A
  2. Wave B
  3. Distortion Amount
  4. Extra LFO – to Distortion
  5. Extra LFO – rate
  6. Extra LFO – to FM morphing

  • SHAPE:     FM Pitch Centre
  • SHIFT_SHAPE:  logue LFO to Shape Mod

note: VERSION B swaps these last two controls