FILTAstep Custom Plugin

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FILTAstep Custom Plugin
FILTAstep Custom Plugin
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If you fancy having your own set of grooves in FILTAstep, then you can!

You are eligible for one free custom version of FILTAstep when you buy the FILTAstep plugin, and you are happy to share your creation with our users.

If you would rather keep your grooves to yourself, or would like a second set of grooves, then purchase this item.

You will be emailed a template (spreadsheet) to fill in with your own values. Send this to us when you’re ready, and we’ll compile your grooves into a separate MOD FX file. You will receive your custom plug-in within a few days of us receiving your grooves.

note: You need to have purchased the FILTAstep plugin to buy this custom plugin add-on.